Open PTSA Chairperson Positions For The 2018-2019 School Year

The PTSA needs YOUR help!  Please volunteer to be a Chairperson to help organize events during this school year so the children can have the programs and activities they deserve.

Membership Chair

Volunteer Coordinator

Website Coordinator

Auction Co-Chair 

Simply Chic DIY Chair 

Spirit Friday Chair  

The Chairperson's responsibilities have been handled by someone in the past so information/directions/suggestions will be passed to the new Chairperson to help them know what to do.  In addition, there are many experienced members returning to the PTA who can help any new people adjust to their responsibilities.  We were all new once too!  Come join the fun of being on the PTSA! 

If interested in filling any of the below positions, please send an email to northernmiddschoolptsa@gmail.com

Volunteers Needed By School


If volunteers and/or donations are needed, please send an email to Mr. Webster requesting the donation and/or volunteers needed so he may coordinate with us to get the request filled.