NMS PTSA Armchair Fundraiser


What is an "armchair" fundraiser?

It’s called an “Armchair” Fundraiser because you don’t need to leave your chair to support Northern Middle Schools’ programs that enrich and enhance our children’s learning experiences. We want to free up parents and volunteers to focus on our kids and the school – NOT fundraising!   


The funds that PTSA raises are used to support or provide the following: 

· Student Enrichment programs 

· Cultural Art Assemblies

· Staff Appreciation/Hospitality

· Student Activities and Events

· Reflections

 ·End of Year Activities

 ·And much, much more!     


It’s simple! 


-You can use the "DONATE HERE" button at the bottom of this page. This will direct you to the Cheddar Up .

-Download this form found under the documents tab and send the form in to school with your student in a sealed envelope marked ‘PTSA Armchair Fundraiser’.  Please make checks payable to ‘Northern Middle PTSA’. 

-Consider asking your employer if they match your donations. Many companies will for non-profit organizations, which we are. If your employer matches your donation for Gold level or higher, we will add their name as well as yours as sponsors.


-Have a local business and want to get your name out?  Our website has been logging views over 200 every week for the last 3 weeks. Sponsor the PTSA and your company name will be displayed on our website!

The NMS PTSA greatly appreciations your donation!!


The amount of your donation is up to you. We have levels of contribution listed below for your convenience. Gold and Platinum contributors will have their names listed in the sponsors section of the PTSA website. We would like to thank you in advance for your support.  

Platinum level = $200

Company name w/logo will appear as a sponsor

Company name:_______________________________________________ (please email logo)

Gold level = $100

Name or company name will appear as a sponsor

Enter either your name or your company name_______________________________________

Silver level = $50

Bronze level = $25 

Other Amount = $___________ 

 ** All donations are tax-deductible and will receive a tax receipt from the PTSA.      

**Cheddarup.com does charge a nominal fee to the payer for using it's service.  For payers using e-check the fee is only $0.45. (less than the price of a stamp!) If using a credit card the $0.45 fee applies plus 3.5%.  

LockerWorks Fundraiser


What is it?


A flexible organizer that hangs inside the locker, not on the door. It's made of heavy duty polyester fabric with steel hangers and rigid shelf inserts that expands usable locker space, yet leaves room for backpacks, coats, etc.

Available colors

Black w/red trim

Royal blue w/green trim

Fuchsia(pink) w/black trim

Purple w/teal trim

Orange w/navy trim


Adjusts from 38" to 20" in length. (Bottom shelf folds up and snaps to easily fit shorter lockers)

Creates sturdy shelves measuring 12.5" tall x 6" wide x 9" deep 

Online sales start August 28th!

That's right! As soon as you know your child's 1st pd teacher, you can place your order. 

LockerWorks are $23 each. Online payment site accepts credit cards and echecks. 

*There is a small convenience fee for using this payment method.

*A link will be provided here when the sales begin!

Don't like ordering online?

LockerWorks are $23 each and can be purchased by cash or check (made payable to NMS PTSA) at 

back to school night on Sept 11th OR you can download the form (under "documents") and send it in a sealed envelope with either the exact cash amount or a check made payable to NMS PTSA.

How and when are they delivered?

LockerWorks are delivered to your child's 1st period teacher. Deliveries will begin the first week of school.