NMS PTSA Armchair Fundraiser


We invite all Northern Middle families and friends to participate in our first “Armchair Fundraiser” by making a tax-deductible donation to the PTSA. The Armchair Fundraiser involves no selling and no purchasing. This direct donation based campaign replaces sales-based fundraisers that require countless volunteer hours and door-to-door sales with only a percentage of the profits staying with NMS. All the money you donate to this fundraiser goes directly to the PTSA to fund student and school programs.   


It’s called an “Armchair” Fundraiser because you don’t need to leave your chair to support Northern Middle Schools’ programs that enrich and enhance our children’s learning experiences. We want to free up parents and volunteers to focus on our kids and the school – NOT fundraising!   


We are working very hard to raise money not ONLY to continue supporting the same programs, services or sponsoring events and/or activities at school. We would like to purchase laptops and equipment that is greatly needed. As we all know, our children need to learn to access technology to help them with instruction and to prepare for their future college and career experiences. We need to work together to support our children and make sure they have everything they need to be as successful as possible! The funds that PTSA helps to raise can supplement the school budget for additional/replacement pieces of technology in addition to supporting the following initiatives: 

· Student Enrichment programs 

· Cultural Art Assemblies

 · Staff Appreciation/Hospitality

 · Student Activities and/or Events

  · Reflections

 · Ice cream social/Sweet Treats for 6th graders/new students

  · 8th grade End of Year Activities

  · And much, much more!     


The amount depends all on you. You will find levels of contribution below. If you are a ‘Queen Bobcat’ or higher, your name will be added to the PTSA website!! WE would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help to make our school a better place for our children!  

Kitten Bobcat (Baby Bobcat) = $25.00 Donation

Litter of Bobcats (2 or More Baby Bobcats) = $50 Donation

Queen Bobcat (Female Bobcat) = $100 and your name will appear on the PTSA Website 

Tom Bobcat (Male Bobcat) = $150 and your name will appear on the PTSA Website  

Other Amount = $___________ 

 ** All donations are tax-deductible and will receive a tax receipt from the PTSA for your donation.      


It’s simple! There is 4 ways to donate:


1) Log onto the NMS PTSA website www.northernmiddleschoolptsa.org and select the ‘Donation’ link at the top of the page. The donate page will direct you to the Cheddar Up website forms and selections for donating along with taking your donation 

2) Download and fill out a donation form found on the NMS PTSA website. Send the form in to school with your student in a sealed envelope marked ‘PTSA Armchair Fundraiser’.  Please make checks payable to ‘Northern Middle PTSA’. 

3) Ask your Employer about matching donations. Many employers will match your donations to non-profit organizations. If your employer matches your donation, we will add their name to the PTSA website as a sponsor! 

4) Ask your Employer to Sponsor the PTSA and we will add their name to the PTSA website as a sponsor!

The NMS PTSA greatly appreciations your donation!!

Select link to pay online: https://nms-ptsa-armchair-fundraiser.cheddarup.com 

**Cheddarup.com does charge a nominal fee to the payer for using it's service.  For payers using e-check the fee is only $0.45. (less than the price of a stamp!) If using a credit card the $0.45 fee applies plus 3.5%.