NMS Parent Teacher Student Association


Online Membership Application 2018-2019

  The Northern Middle School PTSA is a non-profit volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers and staff who graciously donate their time in a variety of different ways to help support and enhance our children’s learning experiences. No matter what program, service or event our PTSA is sponsoring, the goal is always to benefit our children! 

The PTSA is funded through the remaining portion of our membership fees after the Maryland PTA fees are paid, fundraising efforts and generous donations. The PTSA not only supports PTSA sponsored events and activities at the school, but also supports both academic and facilities expenses not covered by the NMS budget. Last year the PTSA was able to provide the staff luncheons, gifts to the school, incentives for students, cultural art assemblies and much, much more.  

This year, we are working very hard to raise money not ONLY to continue supporting the same programs, services or sponsoring events and/or activities at school, but we would like to purchase laptops and equipment that is greatly needed. As we all know, our children need to learn to access technology to help them with instruction and to prepare for their future college and career experiences. We need to work together to support our children and make sure they have everything they need to be as successful as possible!  The funds that PTSA helps to raise can supplement the school budget for additional/replacement pieces of technology.    

NMS PTSA meetings are the last Monday of the Month at 6:00pm in the Teachers Lounge. We hope to see you there! 

Membership Dues - 

Individual Membership - $10.00

Family Membership - $25.00 

**You will not ONLY be a member of the NMS PTSA but also the Maryland PTA and National PTA. 

NMS PTSA Member Benefits  All Student Members- Receive ONE free admission to the Spooky Halloween Dance on Friday, November 2nd.   

National PTA Member Benefits **members must register your membership card at National PTA to receive discounts Some of the vendor discounts include:  AARP, George Washington University, Good Housekeeping, Hertz, LifeLock, MetLife, Mountain America Credit Union, Quicken Loans, Squadlocker, and TreeRing.    

Select the link to pay online:  


**Cheddarup.com does charge a nominal fee to the payer for using it's service.  For payers using e-check the fee is only $0.45. (less than the price of a stamp!) If using a credit card the $0.45 fee applies plus 3.5%.